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My current and past jobs

August 2000 - present:
Senior Software Engineer
RedStrike B.V. (Zaltbommel, The Netherlands)

RedStrike is a small startup that specializes in computer security products and solutions. Our first product is the Mamba Key and the accompanying Mamba Security Software. The Mamba product consists of the physical Mamba Key and software that can be used to authenticate the user of the Mamba Key to enable the transparent access to the data that is stored in an encrypted partition on the hard disk. The encryption key that must be used to decrypt the data is safely stored on the Mamba Key.

The Mamba Key is ready for production and we expect to start the ramp up of the production within two months (January 2001).

Because we are a small company, my job consist of much more that just software  development. Currently we are working on new products and enhancements of the current product. Most of the enhancements are related to user friendliness and integration with other security solutions.

May 1999 - July 2000:
Groupleader Software
Tulip Computers International (Rosmalen, The Netherlands)
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I worked as the groupleader of a group of eight software engineers at the Reasearch and Development department of Tulip. The group was responsible for the qualification and implementation of all software and network related products that were developed or qualified at Tulip R&D. Examples are: the system BIOS, pre-install software, software certifications (Novell, Intel, Microsoft), Network Cards, Operating System compatibility, test-tools, manageability.

August 1998 - April 1999:
Senior Software Engineer
Eltan (Den Dungen, The Netherlands)
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All information about the work I did during my employment at Eltan is still under non-disclosure. Take a look at the Eltan web-site to get an impression.

To put you in the right direction:
I worked for a large international financial institution at the development of tools that will be used in a large scale automated migration of all OS/2 servers to Windows NT 4.0.

January 1997 - July 1998:
Senior Software Development Engineer
Tulip Computers International ('s-Hertogenbosch / Rosmalen, The Netherlands)
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November 1993 - December 1996:
Software Development Engineer
Tulip Computers International ('s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands)
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January 1991 - October 1993:
Software Development Engineer
Difa Measuring Systems (Breda, The Netherlands)
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In my job as Software Development Engineer, I was responsible for the design and implementation of embedded software that was used for real-time digital signal processing of signals in the 0-25kHz range. The largest project I worked on consisted of a program that ran on the Motorola 56001 digital signal processor. It was the implementation of a four channel, real-time spectrum analysis program. It used digital filters (in software) to decimate the sample stream and divide the spectrum in octave bands.