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My old personal information page:

So, am I really this music freak and computer geek?

Well, I must admit that I prefer listening to music while using my computer over watching television. Currently I am in a "I want to have all records made by Toshinori Kondo" phase. It is quite difficult to find any of his records that are not published by Jaro or more recently Apollo (R&S).

What do I use my computer for? First of all study for my Microsoft Certified Professional Exams. And yes, I also run Linux at home. I have this small network with three systems. One of them is a Linux only system and another is a multi-boot system that also includes Linux (red hat 5.2 at the moment). Most of the time I run all X apps through an X-server on my NT box from the Linux system.

I have just upgraded my server to Windows 2000 RC1 (Advanced Server). My main workstation will be upgraded to Windows 2000 RC1 (professional) shortly. I want to get some experience with active directory, kerberos, intellimirror and the remote system setup service.

At the end of this year we (me, my wife and our two kids) will be moving to our new house that is still under construction at the moment.

B.T.W. the picture on is ten years old (I still had hair at that time ;-) ).

Update on September 11, 1999:
I've just re-installed my server to Windows 2000 Server RC1 (no advanced server this time). I had some problems with the installation of DNS, DHCP and Active Directories, so I started from scratch. I am in the middle of configuring the server again. I will take one step at a time this time.

Update on November 4, 1999:
I have upgraded my main workstation to Windows 2000 Professional RC2 and my server to Windows 2000 Server RC2. At work I also upgraded one of my workstations to W2k Prof. RC2 but there I experienced some problems with the hard disk spin down of my SCSI disk. The system crashed when it returned from suspend (ACPI S1).

I hope to convert my internet access from a simple dial up account to a cable modem real soon. The connection will be protected by a proxy server. The proxy server will be Linux or NT based. I did not decide yet, which one to use. I have experience with MS Proxy (I even passed the "Microsoft Certified Professional" exam for MS Proxy 2.0) so this seems the obvious choice. On the other hand would it be nice to get some working experience with a Linux based proxy server.

Update on January 2, 2000:
Last Friday I received the RTM version of Windows 2000. In the next days I will upgrade my server and workstation to Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Professional.