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My Tackhead and related collection

Barmy Army - The English Disease (CD)
Doug Wimbish - Trippy Notes for Bass
Dub Organiser - I've Got A Weapon / It's Insane (12")
Fats Comet (Doug Wimbish) - (12")
Gary Clail On-U Sound System - End of the Century party (CD)
Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System - Tackhead Tape Time (CD)
Jungle Funk - Jungle Funk (CD)
Keith LeBlanc - Freakatorium (CD)
Keith LeBlanc - Major Malfunction (LP & CD)
Keith LeBlanc - raw (CD)
Keith LeBlanc - Stranger than Fiction (CD)
Keith LeBlanc - tasteless cuts (featuring dj spike) (CD)
Keith LeBlanc - Time Traveller (CD)
Keith LeBlanc (spike) - Global 2000 (CD)
Keith LeBlanc (spike) - Invisible (CD)
Malcolm X (Keith LeBlanc) - No Sell Out 12" (on Crew Cuts Sampler)
Mark Stewart - Mark Stewart (CD)
Mark Stewart and the Maffia - As the veneer of democracy starts to fade (LP)
Strange Parcels - Disconnection (CD)
Tackhead - Class Rock (12")
Tackhead - En Concert (LP)
Tackhead - Friendly as a hand grenade (CD)
Tackhead - Power Inc. Volume 1 (CD)
Tackhead - Power Inc. Volume 2 (CD)
Tackhead - Power Inc. Volume 3 (live) (CD)
Tackhead - Strange Things (CD)
Tackhead - Ticking Time Bomb (12")