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Toshinori Kondo discography 1981-1982

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Peter Brötzmann Group - Alarm

1981, FMP - FMP 1030

1.    Alarm part 1 19.42
2.    Alarm part 2 17.32
3.    Jerry Sacem 3.38

Toshinori Kondo: trumpet
Frank Wright: saxophone
Peter Brötzmann: saxophone
Willem Breuker: saxophone
Hannes Bauer: trombone
Alan Tomlinson: trombone
Alex von Schlippenbach: piano
Harry Miller: bass
Louis Moholo: drums

Not located in any store.

Tristan Honsinger, Steve Beresford, Toshinori Kondo, David Toop - Imitation of life

1981, Y Records - Y13

1.    Side -er one: Whoosshh
2.    Side -er two: please - thanks that's alright

Tristan Honsinger: cello, voice, whistling, violin
Toshinori Kondo: trumpet, voice, mutes, rattles, small instruments
David Toop: electric guitar, bass guitar, flute, alto flute, wooden flutes, small instruments
Steve Beresford: euphonium, flugelhorn, siren, metal violin, winfield organ, toy electric guitar, bass guitar, automatic instruments, small instruments

Not located in any store. It is re-released in 2001 on CD.

Borbetomagus and friends - Industrial strength

1981 - Leo LR113.

Borbetomagus: Group
Peter Kowald: Bass
Milo Fine: Clarinet, Piano
Toshinori Kondo: Trumpet, Voices
Tristan Honsinger: Cell, Voices
Jim Sauter: Reeds
Donald Miller: Guitar
Donald Dietrich: Reeds

Not located in any store.

Eugene Chadbourne - The Amazing Story of the Chadbournes in America

1981, Charbourne homemade tape

Songs include:
Pitter Patter Panther
Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down
Day Tripper
Blues Come Around
If I'm Gonna Sink
I've Just Seen a Face
Don't Pass Me By
Bound to Ride
Tennessee Flat Top Box
In A Sentimental Mood
W. Va. Spec.
Gotta Get Drunk

Artists include:
Eugene Chadbourne
Tom Cora
David Licht
John Zorn
Scott Manring
Toshinori Kondo

Go to my Kondo collection Toshinori Kondo + Paul Lovens - The Last Supper

1982, Po Torch - PTR/JWD 9

A/B. The last supper (43'51")

Toshinori Kondo: trumpet, mutes
Paul Lovens: selected drums & cymbals, percussion, zither, säge, etc. 

Located is some stores (most second hand)

Kondo / Lovens / Lytton - Death is our eternal friend

1982, IMA 002

1.    Osaka 1982 9 27  23:30
2.    Morioka 1982 9 22  25:17

Toshinori Kondo: trumpet, mutes, cheap horn-speaker
Paul Lovens: drums, cymbals
Paul Lytton: percussion, live electronics

Not located in any store.

The Globe Unity Orchestra - Intergalactic Blow

1982, JAPO 60039 D

1.    Quasar (coll. improvisation) (9'31")
2.    Phase A (coll. improvisation) (8'44")
3.    Phase B (coll. improvisation) (3'54")
4.    Mond Im Skorpion (coll. improvisation) (18'41")

Alex Von Schlippenbach : Piano
Albert Mangelsdorff : Trombone
George Lewis : Trombone, Effects
Kenny Wheeler : Trumpet
Bob Stewart : Tuba
Toshinori Kondo : Trumpet
Gunter Christmann : Trombone
Gerd Dudek : Soprano & Tenor Sax, Flute
Evan Parker : Soprano & Tenor Sax
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky : Alto & Baritone Sax, Flute
Alan Silva : Bass
Paul Lovens : Drums

Not located in any store.

Maki Asakawa - Cat Nap
Maki - Cat Nap.gif (12362 bytes)
1982, Toshiba Express 90196

Maki Asakawa : Vocal
Toshinori Kondo : Trumpet, Percussion
Toshiyuki Honda : Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Flute
Shigeharu Mukai : Trombone
Kiyoshi Sugimoto : Guitar
Kazuo Tobita : Guitar
Tamio Kawabata : Bass
Hiro Tsunoda : Drums

Not located in any store.

Misha Mengelberg & ICP Orchestra - Japan Japon
Misha Mengelberg - Japan Japon.jpg (15112 bytes)Misha Mengelberg - Japan Japon2.jpg (13713 bytes)
1982, ICP 024 / IMA 1 / DIW 1014

1.    Salute to Fujisawa Shukoh 02.45
2.    Kwela:  17.39
3.    Habanera 06.15
4.    Carnaval 03.30
5.    Japan Japon 07.10
6.    Zing zang zaterdag 03.22

Misha Mengelberg: piano, voice
Keshavan Maslak: alto and tenor saxophones, voice
Michael Moore: alto saxophone, clarinet
Peter Brötzmann: alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, voice
Walter Wierbos: trombone
Joep Maassen: trombone
Larry Fishkind: tuba
Maurice Horsthuis: viola
Toshinori Kondo: trumpet, voice
Han Bennink: drums, etc

Not located in any store.